Kim Chapman ’77

Kim Chapman '77 began his college career off at Montana State, because he loved the outdoors and skiing. However, he soon realized it was not the best choice for him, and he needed to make a change to ensure that he received a better education.

So he stumbled upon Penn State. Upon arriving, he was forced to move into a fraternity house because all of the dormitories were full. In those days, many of the houses would get money on the side byrenting out some of their rooms to incoming students. That was how Kim first came to know Kappa Sigma.

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Craig Soden

What is your hometown, major, etc.?
I am currently a junior and I am studying Kinesiology. I am from Starrucca, PA.

Why did you join Kappa Sigma?
Most of my good friends from my floor that I lived on had joined freshman year and they were always talking about it and trying to get me to join and I finally did.

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Tim Bonawitz ’70

Tim Bonawitz '70 has not only returned to live in State College since his graduation, but he's built a house there that's practically custom-made for alumni parties. "State College is a beautiful place to live," he says, "I encourage any alumni who have children now attending Penn State to stop by and say hello.

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