Carl Bartuch ’75

 The decision to come to Penn State for Carl Bartuch '75 was very similar to that of many of its students. Unsure of what particular major he wished to study, he chose Penn State because of the endless options he had to pick from. "I wasn't really sure which educational discipline I wanted to pursue after high school.

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Stephen Mitchell ’89

 Why did you join Kappa Sigma?
I was interested in joining a fraternity, but was not sure which one to choose.
After heading back from a big rush event at the HUB, Curtis Huber '89 and I ran into Tim Madden '89 and Steve Fox '89 from our dorm and joined them heading out to Kappa Sigma. Tim's dad was a Kappa Sig. Once we got to the chapter house, which was jammed with a big party, we met John Martin Murphy '89 (senior from Camp Hill, Pa.) who remembered our names from the rush event! After that we found that everyone at the house was cool and down to earth, and stayed.

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Hugh McPherson '97

 After college, Hugh McPherson '97 returned home to the family farm where he started Maize Quest -- a cornfield maze adventure. Hugh's Kappa Sigma connection started with Matt Greico '96 and the Blue Band. He remembers Outrunning the Enemy with JT; Gooch setting Brian Say '97 on fire; Bolt in general; the Celtic Collision; learning a proper Western PA accent from Colby and Ed winning best set design in Greek Sing.

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