Dave Payne ‘81

He’s lived all over the world and he works for one of the largest companies on the planet, but what are the most vivid Kappa Sig memories for Dave Payne ’81? They are the simplest form, including stolen food from the house’s refrigerator and scrubbing the upstairs bathroom with his pledge class.

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Wes Link ‘55

Wes Link ’55 was approached by Kappa Sig in 1953, who encouraged him to join the fraternity. He had been living in downtown State College and was taken to the house and introduced to the brothers. “I became a brother in spring of ’54,” Wes said. “There are so many things that happened when I was an active brother. We had Hell Week back then, which was a whole different experience then it is today. But I learned a lot of things – to get along with a wide range of guys and to be a neater person. It helped get me ready for going into the Army and going to Korea after I graduated.”

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Brendan Stenson ’05

Six years after graduation, Brendan Stenson '05 still cherishes the bonds he made during his undergraduate Kappa Sigma days, saying the bond still exists after all of these years and the interactions remain as genuine as they were years ago.
Brendan joined Kappa Sig his first semester of college, after visiting the house during his senior year of high school and getting to know Jim O'Mara '02, along with other brothers, during the summer session before his freshman year. He pledged with Greg Beebe and Carl Myers, also from the class of 2005, and created an unbreakable bond with them that laid the foundation for years to come.

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