Brothers Outside Of State College!

Brother Jacob Moll ‘14 is currently studying in Jönköping, Sweden at Jönköping University. His program is through the CIRT program in the College of Education. While studying abroad, Jacob is most looking forward to being in a new culture for five months while also getting the opportunity to travel to a few other countries during his free time. So far, Jacob has visited London and plans to visit Copenhagen, Rome, and hopefully somewhere in Germany. While he is at Jönköping University, Jacob is practicing his IM volleyball for this upcoming fall at the university, where they hold free two hour practices for the students a few times a week. Jacob would like to congratulate all the brothers graduating this spring and wish them success in their future. “I look forward to seeing you all once I return. A to B.”

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Mike "The Mailman" Herr

Commander-In-Chief Pens Special Note

Mike “The Mailman” Herr has delivered many letters during his 48-year career at the University Park Post Office, which will end April 1, 2016 with his decision to retire from the job he accepted April 1, 1968.

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