H. Wesley Link ’55- “All The Good Things That Happen To You Are Gifts From God.”

“I chose Kappa Sigma because of the members, location and the beauty of the original house. I took over my dad’s business in 1992 when he died suddenly and I ran the business until December 2015. I always went with the flow and kept a positive attitude.

I am most proud of being the Alumni President for the 1992 Centennial Celebration.

Had I not joined Kappa Sigma, I would not have met my wife and I would not have my daughters or five grandchildren.

Consider the good things that happen to you, they are gifts from God- remember to thank him.”

Spring Semester Success

By Brandon Fello- Alpha Delta Chapter President

The spring ’16 semester was a great success for Alpha Delta in many ways. In addition to initiating 23 brothers in the fall, we were able to initiate seven quality members in the spring, reaching a chapter goal of 30 brothers in one year! With this large influx of new brothers, we met the challenge of keeping our ritual numbers high. By the end of the semester, we once again boasted 100% level one ritual proficiency.

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