Goals and Aspirations Of Alpha-Delta

Keys To Academic Success

As the spring 2018 semester progresses, every undergraduate brother of Alpha Delta is feeling the full workload of his course schedule. With aspirations to achieve Chapter of Excellence on the Penn State campus and recognition from Kappa Sigma Headquarters looming over their heads, the chapter has decided to recommit to their studies and blow past the All Man’s Average GPA, which was a 3.07 last Spring. This past fall the All Man’s average was 3.13 and the chapter barely missed it with a 3.09 average GPA.

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An "Eskimo's" Journey- From Alaska to State College

Ed Schmidt ‘61

Brother Ed Schmidt is a member of the Penn State University Class of 1961. Brother Schmidt was one of several brothers who had the unique experience of living in the old Beaver Street chapter house as the new one was being built around it. Brother Ed also lived in the new Beaver St. house in 1962 as a graduate student. Before attending Penn State, Brother Schmidt lived in Alaska, where his father was stationed as a part of the U.S Air Force, and began his undergraduate studies at the University of Alaska. Brother Schmidt then transferred to Penn State and was given the affectionate nickname of “Eskimo”, which was later shortened to “Skimo.”

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