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It only takes one look at the most recent headlines to realize that we’re all facing uncertain times. Not only are there health threats on our doorsteps, especially for our older Alumni, but we face the threat of economic peril as well, even after the threat of a pandemic is appropriately handled.

However, in the face of all this uncertainty and in spite of Penn State shut downs and cancelled undergrad and Alumni events that we all look forward to each year, one thing remains true. Alpha-Delta stands strong and united. We may be separated by miles and quarantines, but we are forever connected in spirit.

We all joined Kappa Sigma because we all believed in the same values and knew we could create a community around those values. If there ever was a time for us to prove our commitment to those values and that community, it’s now.

How can we do this?

Firstly, reach out to your Brothers. Call them. Email them. (Can’t find their contact information? You’ll find it on the Penn State Kappa Sigma website www.kappasigpsu.com.) As we’re forced into social distancing, there’s no need to become isolated. Show your Brothers that you care about them. Remind them of the Brotherhood that exists within Alpha-Delta. Technology makes it easy; there’s no excuse not to reach out to those who may need a caring word.

Then, make sure you tap into those Kappa Sigma values. Yes, we’re facing scary times, but Penn State Kappa Sigs aren’t known for their cowardice in the face of a challenge. Channel all that courage, compassion, leadership and strength that we all learned during our undergrad years and then use it to make a difference for others. Help your neighbors. Show generosity. Show compassion. Greek life has always been about teaching and breeding leaders and now we need to lead, as servant leaders above all else. Let’s guide those around us who are living with fear, uncertainty and doubt.

And, lastly, rely on your Brotherhood if you need it. Each Kappa Sig is a force on their own, but together we are unstoppable. Don’t be afraid to reach out. Whether you need a little encouragement, the company of an old friend or something more urgent and pressing, reach out to the Alpha-Delta community. We’re here for you.

Stay safe, Kappa Sigs. We might not be able to see one another at this year’s Pig Roast, but nothing can interfere with who we are as Kappa Sigs and the community we’ve built over decades of commitment. As with everything we’ve come up against, this too shall pass and we will soon be back to our favorite Penn State events; in the meantime, regardless of our social distancing, let’s take advantage of all the tools at our disposal to remain a social fraternity, connecting with our Brothers from wherever we are.