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Christopher Longwill ‘73

Update: “My wife and I did vacation to Italy last summer. Alas we did not visit Bologna.”

Why I Give: “I like to help in some small way because I recognize that the Chapter can always use some financial help, most likely in numerous ways. I still run into guys who were friends in college.”

David Dick ‘74

Update: “I retired from practicing law, and have been spending winters cycling in Arizona and Florida. Life is good, knock wood. My wife and I are lucky to have good health and good friends. I can’t ask for more.”

Why I Give: “The Fraternity was important in my life back then, and that remembrance pulls on the heartstrings. That special feeling of being part of something bigger than you. So many good memories, from hell week to dining together (I can still hear Gunner yelling about being in the clean plate club). Camaraderie is the word, and a special bond that forms. Also, seeing the names of some of the guys I went to school with also give money creates a little desire to join them again to support our group of guys. I’ve done well enough in my life to give back a little.”

Fritz Baesman ‘64

Why I Give: “I do appreciate receiving the Alpha Delta News just to see if there are still some Brothers from my generation who are on the list.”

Richard Fisher ‘75

Update: “I “semi-retired” in January 2019 and now have three consulting jobs because my golf game stinks.”

Why I Give: “I enjoyed my time back in the 70’s at the Frat and want to give back something. At this stage of my life I am a story teller and I have many interesting stories from my four years in the house as the social chairman. Kappa Sig at its full potential is able to offer young men a scholarship or the opportunity to grow as a person and be able to successfully navigate life and career.”

V.Paul O’Brien ’71

Update: “Retired and living the life!”

Why I Give: “The most valuable part of my Kappa Sig experience is Brotherhood, as it continues to grow 49 years after having graduated. Kappa Sig is more than ‘tail-gating.’ We need someone to oversee an annual get-together of all available Alums for a weekend of activity within the State College/Campus Arena. Get busy ‘getting Us back’ on a regular basis.”  

Craig Baughman ‘76 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Update: “I retired two years ago after a successful sales career for a Fortune 500 company. Keeping busy.”

Why I Give: “I felt you guys were doing a good job. The most valuable part of my experience were the friends I made. Kappa Sig at its full potential is just communicating as best as possible among members.”

Louis Koekler ‘69 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Update: “I've been retired now for almost 10 years. I split my time between Cranford and the Jersey shore at Manasquan. I still do some consulting and write a monthly column for the Trade Association.”

Why I Give: “I thoroughly enjoyed my years at KS and the enduring friendships I made. Many of the friendships have been maintained over the past 50 years since graduation. I don't get to football games but have attended the recent reunions of the '69-70 (and others) classes. I'm amazed at how successful most of us were during our working careers. It was the guys in the house who made the experience. More recently, the Alumni reunions have been g