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Our three dancers, L-R: Felice Santoro, Matt Svirbely and Mark Shust.

Alpha-Delta Rocks THON 2019

Easily, the most important thing that happened this past month of February was THON. As you all know, it is a very big event here at Penn State and it is no different for Alpha-Delta. The Chapter raised nearly $170,000 together with our pairing, SDT, finishing third among all Greek pairings. It was a very magical weekend and it brought the brotherhood together even more. Congratulations to the three Alpha-Delta dancers; Felice Santoro, Mark Shust and Matt Svirbely who, were on their feet for 46 hours straight. Congratulations also go out to our THON chairs; Jake Ward, Peter Bridgewater, Kyle Pollock and Mark Shust (also a dancer) who worked so hard to make it all happen.

Next year's THON Special Events Chair, Matt Pettoruto with our dancers.

Joan Tafel, the mother of our THON child Nick had these wonderful words for Alpha-Delta that really illustrated how much the weekend really means to us all;

"Back when canning was still a thing, we would drive to Hershey Med for checkups on a monthly basis. whenever we ran into canners along the road, we’d always make sure to stop at every single one that we could. I would be driving and Nick would be in the back. I would hand him the money and roll down his window. He would always give them this soft smile and wait for them to say “thank you” and time after time, when he received his thanks, he’d give it right back. he would say “no, thank you, I’m a four diamonds kid, you helped save my life”. He would just sit there and let them stand in awe for a second or two, say thank you again, give some motivational words, and we would drive on. Nick always had the biggest smile on his face after these interactions. He could tell he was hitting home with the students and bringing home the meaning of THON for them just a little bit more."

Brother David Bromberg performing at THON with SDT partner.
Our section at THON.
Dancers with THON father Clint Fern