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Keys To Academic Success

As the spring 2018 semester progresses, every undergraduate brother of Alpha Delta is feeling the full workload of his course schedule. With aspirations to achieve Chapter of Excellence on the Penn State campus and recognition from Kappa Sigma Headquarters looming over their heads, the chapter has decided to recommit to their studies and blow past the All Man’s Average GPA, which was a 3.07 last Spring. This past fall the All Man’s average was 3.13 and the chapter barely missed it with a 3.09 average GPA.

Newly elected Scholarship Chairman, Bennett Massie (’19), has taken it upon himself to redefine the position and encourage brothers to come to study hours for three hours a day, three days a week. Brother Massie reserves a room on campus so that brothers have a quiet place to go study as well as seek help from their fellow brothers. He is hoping to incorporate structured study time into the routine of every brother to help improve the chapter’s academic performance.

The goal of having Chapter study hours is to facilitate undergraduate brothers to achieve their own version of academic success. Tyler White (’19) has already achieved a significant amount of academic success. Recently, Tyler has been honored by Kappa Sigma Headquarters and received the Dr. John W. Ryan Leadership Circle Award. This award is presented yearly to the 25 undergraduates with the highest scores on the Scholarship- Leadership Award application. Congratulations to Brother White and keep up the great work Brother Massie.