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What’s new with you these days?

“Gathering of Kappa Sig Brothers from the 50s through the 90s on May 19th and 20th in State College.”

What are your favorite memories from your Kappa Sig glory days?

“Friday and Saturday night parties, big special weekend parties, spring week, and graduation as well las Children’s Christmas party at the house.”

How would your life be different had you never joined Kappa Sigma?

“It would be missing my wife Barbara. We met at a party during a social with the Tri Sigma Sorority. Fifty-Six years later, Barbara passed away June 23, 2013.”

What makes you proud to be a Kappa Sig?

“The many wonderful Brothers that are still good friends after 60 years. I was initiated in 1954.”

If you’ve donated to Kappa Sigma recently, what inspired your gift?

“We still must help with funds to keep the Brothers in touch after many years.”