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Kappa Sigma Raises $56,590.39

Our active brothers made us incredibly proud once again last weekend at the 45th Penn State Dance Marathon. The final total for THON 2017 was an amazing $10,045,478.44. Kappa Sigma raised a total of $56,590.39 along with our partner organization, Gamma Sigma Sigma.

Grand Master Dalton Kramer says:

THON 2017 was an amazing experience and a huge success thanks to the hard work of our brothers and our partner organization, Gamma Sigma Sigma. With fundraising finally at its end our pair’s total amount raised is $56,590.39 with THON’s total reaching just over $10 million! We had the chance to celebrate this weekend at THON and support all five of our brothers dancing. Brothers Josh Hammaker, Joseph Pomponi, and Hunter Obeid danced on behalf of Kappa Sigma while brothers Christopher Pullen and Adam Bortner were also selected to independently dance. The largest highlight of THON may have come a few weeks prior however, when we were paired with a second child, a three-year-old girl named Molly still going through treatment. Having two families ourselves and four as a total pair with Gamma Sigma Sigma gives us a lot to work for as we look to increase our total going into 2018.

Thank you to our five dancers and to all of our THON participants for representing Kappa Sigma so well this year.


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