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My name is Dalton Kramer and I am the newly elected Grand Master of our beloved Alpha-Delta Chapter. With the help of a new executive board, our chapter has high hopes for the spring 2017 semester.

The first goal includes maintaining our streak for winning the FACE, but also increasing our efforts to become a Founder’s Circle chapter. On Penn State’s campus, we have plans in place to become an IFC chapter of excellence, an award only a handful of the over 40 fraternity chapters at Penn State are capable of receiving.

As we strive for these awards, our primary goal is increasing our rush numbers in order to solidify our spot on Penn State’s campus long after we are all gone, and judging by the current trend, this should be an easy goal to attain.

As far as our philanthropic efforts go, our new philanthropy chair is working with his committee to create a marquee event to raise more money for military heroes than in previous years. Finally, with THON quickly approaching, we’ve elected our three dancers- Josh Hammaker, Joseph Pomponi, and Hunter Obeid.

Now that canning weekends are over, our efforts have switched to using donation boxes, THONvelopes, and sharing our donation link on social media. Also, be on the lookout for information on an alumni event on Blue-White weekend to give our brothers a better chance to meet all of you, introduce you to the new house, and possibly enjoy a round of golf.

Thank you brothers and as always,


Dalton Kramer