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Little-known fact- I was Ed Gorkes' Little Brother. The line ended with me in that I never had that opportunity (to be someone's Big Brother). I did however, get to be the Pledge Master for quite a few Alpha-Delta Pledges- a position I enjoyed filling very much. 

One of my most interesting memories took place when Ed, wanting to build some flying hours, took three of us out on a flight in a small prop plane from the Penn State Airport. We flew some place to get food and flew back. The only problem was, the sun was setting, getting dark. Just enough so that it made shades of gray very hard to see, especially if you're color blind. We all survived, but not without a bit of a bumpy landing. Afterward, Ed calmly stated that he couldn't really see the approach lights or the runway.

Now that is how we Army guys fly!

-Richard (Wally) Armstrong '81