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With summer almost over and the Fall '16 Semester about to start Alpha Delta is looking forward to a strong start to what promises to be an amazing semester. Alpha Delta will be returning to 420 East Prospect on August 17th. The house will welcome many new tenants this year, primarily brothers from Fall 15, as well as older brothers who have lived in the house for many semesters.

This will be the first semester in which the property is not under the consent agreement (incurred by the previous tenants). The brothers of Alpha Delta are extremely excited to test the waters of our new social scene at 420 East Prospect as well as build our GPA, ritual study, and overall commitment to the State college Borough/ Penn State communities. Our brothers have worked with diligence over this summer break, not only through internships and other jobs, but by the ritual and their respective chair positions. Head Rush chairman Dalton Kramer has been working tirelessly to ensure that this semesters' rush will be the best to date. With rush shirts already ordered and plans for new rush events our brotherhood is sure to remain strong. This semester is a crucial point in the history of Alpha Delta. We are growing at rate that has not been seen in many years, and it will be a great test for us to stay true to those values that make us Kappa Sigmas. However with commitment and diligence our fortitude will not waver, our colors will not fade, and our brotherhood will bind us.   


Brandon Fello ‘18