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By Brandon Fello

This summer has been a crucial time for me and my executive committee. Personally, I am working a summer job, relaxing with family and friends at home, and occasionally taking a weekend roadtrip. However, even though I have been away from State College I still cannot keep my mind off of it. I am exteremly excited for all the growth and development that the chapter will experience this fall.

My EC and I have used this summer to evaluate our performance  as the officers of Alpha Delta and how we can further develop the chapter with our influence and decisions. We have been in contact and further planned out goals with each of our chairmen this summer so that we can hit the ground running in August.  At the top of our list is the Rush Process and how we can make Fall '16's rush the most successful to date.

We are fully confident that Brother Dalton Kramer (head rush chairman) and his committee will be able to bring in a strong group of young men that will not let our colors fade for want of wearers. This summer our chapter was also able to add a new member, Brother John White, former GM of the Psi Chapter will be Alpha Delta's new Assistant Alumni Advisor.

With his past experiences in dealing with houses and finances, Brother White is truly a great addition to the amazing team that surrounds our chapter. My EC and every brother looks forward to this fall to re-connect and continue our goal of becoming the best fraternity at Penn State!