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The spring ’16 semester was a great success for Alpha Delta in many ways. In addition to initiating 23 brothers in the fall, we were able to initiate seven quality members in the spring, reaching a chapter goal of 30 brothers in one year! With this large influx of new brothers, we met the challenge of keeping our ritual numbers high. By the end of the semester, we once again boasted 100% level-one ritual proficiency.

We also watched brothers Nick Vough, Andrew Teodoro, and Sam Kresky dance for 46 consecutive hours at THON and helped raised over $89,000 with our THON partner, Gamma Sigma Sigma. Later on in the semester, Alpha Delta hosted and participated in District Conclave, Greek Week, and a Blue-White Alumni event. In addition to these events, Alpha Delta effectively hosted its first-annual Parent's Weekend with our sorority partner Phi Sigma Rho. Our parent weekend featured an open house on Friday, a cookout all day Saturday, and a brunch on Sunday. The semester came to a close with our senior sendoff in which we, as a chapter, celebrated the impact that the seniors have made on our chapter and wished them the best on their future endeavors. 

With over ten seniors graduating, the chapter is looking to build during rush in the fall ’16 semester. Brother Dalton Kramer is the head rush chairman and has goals of high brother participation in all rush events, which will lead us to our goal of over 20 brothers. Additionally, our brothers plan to use this summer as a time to study the ritual and work on their respective chair positions. Alpha Delta plans to hit the ground running the fall and further pursue Stephen Alonzo Jackson’s dream of making Kappa Sigma the premiere fraternity in the nation!