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Who Remembers The Scott Ott Band?

An Excerpt From The August 5, 1983 Collegian:

"If the members of the Scott Ott Band, or SOB from herein, got together to just listen to some music, "it would probably be best if we had four Walkmans" says Scott Ott.

With such musically diverse tastes, SOB has much going for them. Scott listens to The Tubes, Cheap Trick, etc., while other band members go to other ends of the scale. Guitarist Bob Churchill would be listening to heavy metal, Bassist Chris Pilione would be listening to The Clash, and drummer Eric DeZubay would probably be listening to Deep Purple or Edgar Winter."

Circa 1983, THE Scott Ott Band played the Brewery, the Phyrst, Movin’ On, ATO, the Arts Festival and the legendary Summer Jam at Kappa Sigma.

Pictured Above Is Drummer Eric DeZubay '82