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Brandon Fello- Undergraduate President

As the first President to serve a full term in the NEW Kappa Sigma house, I can attest this housing situation is very different compared to our former home at 232 East Nittany Avenue.

Moving into a house that almost no one had any previous experience with has been a challenge, but my Brothers and I strive every day to make it our own. With a larger house we have received a lot of new attention, some negative and some positive.

Unfortunately, the stigma associated with the former tenants of the house is one that can work against us. However, my executive committee and I work diligently to distance ourselves from the recent past, which began with cleaning up the outside.

The house still looks almost identical to when the previous tenants lived there, and to combat this we bought new letters for the house and fixed the flagpole to wave our flag.

The positives that we have already begun to experience include living in a visually impressive house that has opened many new doors in terms of rush and social opportunities with new organizations. Despite the move, we have made it a point to keep those morals and virtues which have cemented and united us from our days at Gill Street and East Nittany.

Brandon Fello- Undergraduate President