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The worst sailor in history would sail without his sails up. The worst pirate in the world would not be able to handle a little bit of turbulence and would inevitably sink.

So, we have one of the best crews on the seven seas: so why are we currently sailing without our sails up?!

Let me digress and rephrase: Kappa Sigma has one of the best organizations on Penn State campus for raising funds very quickly to cover miscellaneous and unexpected expenses (meaning: we’re really good at sailing in troubled water) but we don’t produce the same results for normal annual fund giving (meaning: we don’t put up our sail!).

This is your mission, should you choose to accept it: give to your annual fund. It’s just as important, if not more important than capital donations. Our annual fund is our heart beat, our spine and our central nervous system. Without it, we would have no communications, no e-letters, no newsletters, and no website or online maintenance. We would be in the dark, which makes it very difficult to see when you’re trying to find someone else.

Click the donate button up on the top right. Let’s go from decent Kappa Sig sailors to legendary Kappa Sig sailors this January.