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According to Wes Link ’55, 2013 was not his favorite year. While it was a productive year for business, he lost his wife of 55 years. “Barbara was a Kappa Sig Sweetheart,” he explains. “I met her at the house. This has been a tough year. You just don’t realize everything you have to handle when your spouse passes away. Barbara was a school teacher, but she took care of a lot of things at home. I have great respect for all that she did now that I have to do it myself.”

A manufacturer’s rep providing specialty values to the Air Force and Navy for aerospace application, Wes has continued to manage a successful business over the past several years. In the past six weeks alone, he has had requests for over 1,400 quotes due to new products required by the military. “I used to work 14 or 16 hours a day,” he admits. “Just recently, I retired half of my business. I already feel the stress lowering.”

One bright spot in 2013 was PSU football. Having missed only three home football games since 1972, Wes was determined to keep his trend going. “While health issues make it impossible for me to see every game,” he says, “I am at every tailgate without fail. Fortunately, the brothers who tailgate next to me have a 42-inch HD TV, so I don’t miss a thing. I often see brothers from the ’60s at games. And, due to our successful centennial celebration, I have become good friends with some from the ’90s.”

This Jackson Man and regular alumni contributor also has a renovated home to enjoy. “When we lost Barbara, my daughters were so helpful. I could not have made it through without them. They even helped me convert the home into a man cave, which I am enjoying.”

When asked about his life with Kappa Sig, Wes had this to say: “A few years ago I was asked to comment on what Kappa Sig means to me. My answer hasn’t changed. I met my wife at Kappa Sig, and from that relationship I have my children and grandchildren. I owe my whole life to Kappa Sig.” 

Brothers can e-mail Wes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..