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For Charlie Golden ’79, getting initiated into Kappa Sigma after pledging is the single fondest memory of his college years.

“The best thing is the time when you become a brother after pledging, you can’t really describe it, but you know that it’s definitely worth it,” he said.

Charlie didn’t come to Penn State with the same intentions to join a fraternity as some, but wanted to find an alternative to dorm and apartment life.  Luckily he found a great group of guys at Kappa Sigma and made a decision he wouldn’t regret. 

He said the opportunity of knowing the people h knew when h was in school and meeting all of the good people I had the pleasure of meeting makes him the most proud of his membership.  “It was the most important thing in my life while I was at Penn State,” he said.

The experiences Charlie had during his time at Kappa Sigma made his life much richer.  His wife, Donna, is a little sister, and between his Kappa Sigma friends and her little sister friends, a large portion of their friends are represented.  He remembers his time at the house and on campus fondly.

“My most memorable story remains being part of the first place Tails Team during 1978 Greek Week at ATO's house. The place was rock'n. Those were the best of times. Well, there were many!”

Despite having so many great memories from his Kappa Sigma days, Charlie admittedly doesn’t do a good enough job of staying connected with fellow brothers.  However, he does see guys locally in West Chester and they get together a couple of times a year. 

Pete Giuliani ’82, my little brother, lives in Colorado and came in for a visit recently and everyone got together,” he said.

What really stands out about these reunions for Charlie is the deep bonds of brotherhood that persists to this day. 

“You see some brothers once every few years and the genuine feeling of friendship you get when you see these people after so many years is a really good feeling,” he said.

Charlie graduated in civil engineering with a focus on project management, and is still in that field some 30 years later.  All three of his and Donna’s sons went to Penn State.  One of them is currently a senior and keeps Charlie up to date on what’s going on at Kappa Sig.

“I understand that they’ve done an excellent job recolonizing and bringing Kappa Sig back to Penn State and if it ends up in a new house with a new house and successful fraternity they should all be congratulated!” he said. “It’s been a tremendous effort for 30 years and I’m really proud that everybody pulled off.”